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Merry Christmas, Taylor & Family!

Taylor is the young Mom of Colton and is expecting another son in late January. After her husband Nick was laid off in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Taylor didn’t see a way for the family to celebrate Christmas or Colton’s third birthday.

Taylor wrote to the Earls Family, saying she didn’t know how they would get through the year, let alone plan a Christmas, as they were drowning in debt and stress. Christmas and celebrating Colton’s birthday simply seemed out of reach.

That is when the Earls Fam Foundation stepped in, selecting Taylor and her family as a part of the Foundation’s Annual Christmas Project. Suddenly Christmas seemed possible again! The Earls Fam Community members and the foundation joined together to send the sweet family much needed household supplies and groceries, in addition to monster trucks for Colton and a few needed clothing items for each family member - and the expectant baby too! The Foundation also provided gift cards to lift some of the family's burden and ease her financial stress while allowing them to focus on spending time with one another while reflecting on the true reason for Christmas...and some quiet time before the new baby boy comes!

Through these gifts and support, Taylor and her family were able to share a Christmas to remember. Thank you to all who made this Christmas possible and for your prayers of support for Taylor in the upcoming birth of Baby Boy and for her whole family as they continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

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