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Merry Christmas, Taylor & Family!

Taylor is the oldest of four children and, in past Christmases, enjoyed making the holiday special for her little siblings.

However, after years of escalating problems, Taylor's Dad was sent to prison this past May. Her Mom was unable to care for her children and dropped Taylor’s three siblings off to stay with their Aunt, who has three children of her own. Both her Aunt and Uncle work multiple jobs to support the six children. Taylor had previously moved in with her boyfriend and her young daughter.

Taylor wrote to the Earls Fam Foundation, not to request anything for herself, her boyfriend, or her young daughter, but to ask for gifts for her siblings and cousins: Devan, Bryce, Jayden, Daisy, Hannah, and Beau. Before her father was imprisoned, Taylor says her siblings have seen and experienced terrible things and she is deeply grateful for her Aunt and Uncle’s willingness to help. She wants nothing more than a “normal” Christmas for all to experience at her Aunt’s home.

The Earls Fam Foundation and Community were able to support this family and sent gifts for all to enjoy including: clothing and toys, legos and games, and gift cards for food and supplies. Taylor also received a few goodies for herself and her young family. Check out the photos below of fellow community members gathering such Christmas goodies!

Throughout the ups and downs of the last year, Taylor’s faith has only grown. She is able to pray for both her Mother and her Father, while supporting her siblings and enjoying her new role as Mom. Taylor enjoys watching the Earls Fam Vlogs as she navigates being a first time mother. The videos encourage her and make her feel a part of a larger community. Please join together and pray that Taylor and her entire family grow ever closer God, as they strive to love Him and His people, make a difference, and be thankful, in every situation.

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