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Merry Christmas, Tabitha & Family!

Tabitha, originally from Texas, has always enjoyed the Christmas season. After leaving her abusive first husband with her two children, Tabitha moved to Virginia for a fresh start. In Virginia, Tabitha met and fell in love with Brian, and the two became inseparable.

On February 14th, while Tabitha was eight months pregnant with Brian’s first child, the family house caught on fire and was a total loss. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Tabitha, Brian, and the children were suddenly without a home. Soon after, Tabitha had baby Oliver by C-section and he spent the first few months of his life in a hotel room.

In June, the family was able to move back into their repaired home and breathe a sigh of relief. However, that peace did not last long, as Brian was hospitalized with chest pain. He spent three months on sick leave and it is suspected he has early congestive heart failure, at only 31 years old. Spending months in a hotel, making repairs on their severely damaged house, and dealing with Brian’s ongoing health problems have made for a financially and emotionally difficult year. Through it all, Tabitha in focused on the most important thing: spending time with her family.

The Earls Fam Foundation and Community of followers allowed Tabitha to focus entirely on her family and enjoy the holiday season by providing toys and needed items for the family. Sophia is six and a sweet little girl. Adam is five and a charismatic little charmer. Oliver is the baby and is a joyful, chunky little dude! They kids have loved going with their Mom to the post office to collect goodies and presents from the large Earls community. Tabitha feels honored to be so blessed by this community and the foundation!

Tabitha began watching the Earls Fam Vlogs after she left her first husband and before she met Brian. The videos and Harold and Rachel’s love encouraged her, as she knew someday she would find a similar relationship. Since finding Brian, she has enjoyed the vlogs even more as they raise their family together, laughing and enjoying the little moments, just like Harold and Rachel.

Please pray that this young family are filled with peace this Christmas season and beyond. Pray the family continues to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, in every situation.

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