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Merry Christmas, Nancy & Family

This year, a traditional Christmas didn’t seem plausible for Nancy and her family of five. Nancy, her husband and her children (ages 11, 10 and 6) are a loving family. Though they don’t have much, they know that you can overcome any obstacle with God’s provision and grace.

With this mindset, it didn’t seem to matter much that the family wouldn’t celebrate a traditional Christmas. With the global coronavirus pandemic and the daily stress of raising three children, two with special needs, their focus and finances were elsewhere.

However, the Earls Fam Foundation selected Nancy and her family as a part of the Foundation’s Annual Christmas Project and suddenly Christmas seemed possible again. The Earls Fam Community members and the foundation joined together to send the sweet family much needed and helpful toys, books and puzzles. The Foundation also provided gift cards to lift some of the family's burden and ease her financial stress while allowing them to focus on spending time with one another while reflecting on the true reason for Christmas.

Through these gifts and support, Nancy and her family were able to share a Christmas to remember. They are extremely grateful for the support. Thank you to all who made this Christmas possible and for your prayers to support Nancy and her loving family as they continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

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