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Merry Christmas, Lori & Family!

Lori’s favorite part of Christmas has always been celebrating the season with family. As a military wife, she is not always able to spend the holiday with her husband. This distance and time apart taught her that time together is a precious gift.

Lori married her best friend, Brandon in 2016. Brandon has been in the Army for 13 years and has been deployed five times. Both Lori and Brandon were going through divorces when they met and became friends. Lori’s divorce left her and her young son homeless, jobless and hopeless. Brandon’s divorce left him thousands of miles away from his children. The couple healed together.

This year has been tough for the family, especially for Brandon. Lori says he is the strongest person she knows and that he gives selflessly without complaint. This year, Brandon started college classes to ensure a bright future for his family. These classes, in addition to his training and deployments, have made for a challenging year. Through all these ups and downs, Brandon has persevered, consistently supporting Lori. However, his heart breaks because he has not seen his children in over three years.

Lori describes Brandon’s being separated from his children as “a void in his heart” and she would give anything to bring them together. Both Lori and Brandon have tried to make trips to see the children this year, but could not afford to finalize any travel plans. Brandon will soon deploy for a year long unaccompanied assignment to Korea. The last chance to see his kids for a year was this Christmas.

The Earls Fam Foundation and Community blessed Lori and Brandon with travel arrangements to visit Brandon’s children right after Christmas. The funds were raised in just over 24 hours as the community joined together to give this family an unforgettable Christmas and the gift of being together as a family.

Lori became a member of the Earls Fam over a year ago, just after she found out she was pregnant with her second son, her first child with Brandon. She watched with her six year old, preparing him to be a big brother. He became attached to Leo, and was cheering him on when he started walking! What Lori enjoys most about the vlogs is the energy, positivity, and the way the couple raises each other up, while loving their family unconditionally. Lori says it is both refreshing and inspiring.

Please keep Lori, Brandon, and their family in your prayers as they strive to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day.

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