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Merry Christmas, Jennifer & Family!

Jennifer, mother to five children, ranging in age from 15 to 24, has recently loved focusing on the simple joys of the Christmas season. Some of her holiday favorites include cherishing time spent with her children, baking cookies, playing board games, and going to a movie together.

Jennifer’s husband recently retired from the US Navy and has been unable to adjust well to civilian life. He is struggling with anger and bitterness while actively resenting his family and the support they require. In Jennifer’s words, “My kids have learned that it isn't safe to share their feelings, their fears, their frustrations...and impatience and irritation is expressed daily in our home. My husband has chosen to be distant and removed and I have reached a point where I know I need to create a healthy, loving space for my children before they all head out into the world on their own.”

Though Jennifer’s husband controls the family’s finances and will not allow any funds for a typical Christmas celebration, Jennifer did not ask the Earls Fam Foundation for gifts or funds. Jennifer asked only for letters. “I want my kids to see that people are genuinely kind and thoughtful and patient, and that there are so many people that care and will be there for them as life unfolds, and that life won't always be hard, and neither will the people in it.” The Earls Fam responded by flooding her mailbox with cards and letters. They received over 150 cards from within the USA and 16 international notes, all of hope and encouragement, of blessings and peace. They read stories of similar situations and found comfort in the prayers and goodwill extended by so many.

Jennifer has been part of the Earls Fam community since the very beginning. Through these videos, she finds hope in the possibility of a happy, healthy family, centered on Jesus. Jennifer also sees a silver lining in her current situation: She has never been closer to her children. Together they have learned to hope, to enjoy the simple things and everyday blessings. They have also learned to choose empathy and compassion, recognizing that all have burdens to bear, and a strong community can share those burdens together.

Please pray that Jennifer and her children are filled with hope and joy this Christmas season and beyond. Pray that this family continues to discover grace and bond together as they learn to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

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