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Merry Christmas, Jen & Hailey!

Single Mom Jen’s favorite part of Christmas is experiencing the magic of the season with the childlike wonder of her six-year-old daughter Hailey.

After an unexpected pregnancy at a young age, Jen was blessed to discover her interest and natural skill in midwifery and nursing. Jen says being alone throughout her pregnancy was one of the most painful times in her life, but lead her to rely wholly on God. He the provided a way for her as she diligently went to school to become a labor and delivery nurse. Jen loves her work and sees it as a blessing to witness the miracle of life every day.

However, the biggest blessing of Jen’s life is her darling daughter. Hailey is a kind and smart child who already dreams of being a teacher and plays “school” with her dolls...teaching them everything she is learning in the first grade.

Jen and Hailey had previously been staying with family, but were able to save and move into their own place last January. The transition to homeownership has been bumpy! First the dryer went out, nearly starting a fire. Then the washer quit working. Now Jen’s aging car is on its last legs, and the bills are adding up faster than Jen can pay them. Though Jen had talked to Hailey about the real meaning of the holiday, her heart was breaking because she could not provide what her daughter wants this Christmas.

Then the Earls Fam stepped in a provided gifts and toys for Hailey to open on December 25th! Multiple donors shipped baking sets, craft projects, clothing, baby dolls, and books for Hailey and for Jen too! Jen also said she was blown away by all the sweet cards and notes included with the gifts and goodies. Through this community support, Jen feels God’s love. She says, “I also feel that my biggest blessing is the people God has placed in our lives to walk this journey with us. When they say it takes a village, they weren’t kidding!”

Jen became a member of the Earls Fam after seeing Rachel’s Christmas pregnancy announcement, which Jen remembers watching ten times in a row and crying over and over! Jen loves seeing the relationship between Harold and Rachel and sees a lot of herself in the way Rachel loves Leo. She is so thankful the family has open their lives to encourage and be an example to so many.

Please pray that Jen and Hailey continue to follow as the Earls lead: To love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful every day!

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