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Merry Christmas, Etta & Family!

Tammy and her three children became homeless when their home in Paradise, California burnt to the ground in November. They lost everything in the fire. Since November, Tammy and her family have been staying with Etta, Tammy’s sister. They are all squeezed into Etta’s one bedroom apartment and currently, only Etta is able to work. Tammy stays at home with little Erin, who is two and Tyler, who is four years old. Her oldest, LeAnn, is seven and attends second grade. Finances are tight and spirits are low as Tammy tries to plan where to go from here.

Etta reached out to the Earls Fam Foundation on behalf of her sister and young nephews and nieces. While they are thankful to be together for the holidays, they were overwhelmed with how many necessities they lost.

The Earls Fam Foundation and large Community were able to provide a mattress for Tammy while she continues to stay at Etta’s. Other needed items including clothing, cleaning supplies, and groceries were also provided. The mattress arrived just in time, as Tammy underwent an emergency appendectomy just before Christmas. Now, she is able to recover and heal in comfort.

The Earls Fam Foundation and Community also provided gifts of clothing, toys, and games for the children. A few viewers even sent in photos preparing presents for the family! Notes of encouragement were tucked inside the boxes and filled the family with hope throughout the holiday season.

Both Tammy and Etta are grateful and encouraged by the support of the community. It is a blessing to see presents under the tree when, not long ago, amid the ashes of their home, the thought of Christmas seemed impossible. Please pray that this family is filled with peace this Christmas season and beyond as they trust in God’s plan and timing. Love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful.

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