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Meet the Moms (Part 3)

The Earls Fam Foundation kicked off special themed projects in May 2019. This project focused specifically on spoiling the Moms of our community, just in time for Mother’s Day! We are grateful for you, Moms!

Meet Becca!

Becca is a hard-working single mom to a beautiful daughter, Aubree. Becca likes to call Aubree, who will turn two this August, her own little “mini me”. She loves being a Mom and knowing that Aubree is counting on her and learning from her, every single day.

Though she never planned to be a single parent, Becca is learning to trust in the Lord with her whole heart even when motherhood is hard... and messy! Becca’s greatest wish is to share the love of Jesus with Aubree in every moment while reminding her that she is her Mom's greatest joy and blessing.

Becca started following the Earls Fam after Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement. Leo and Aubree are about the same age! The Earls Fam Foundation was recently able to send Becca to the spa to get her nails done. Becca enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation and wants to thank the Foundation for the thoughtful treat during this stressful season of life.

Though life right now is a bit hectic, Becca always watches the newest Earls Fam Vlogs. She is a part of the Earls Fam community because of Rachel and Harold’s example and encouragement. She says they are inspirational as a couple, as parents, and as followers of Christ as they encourage her to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

Meet Andrea!

Andrea is the Mom to five children, ranging from age 7 to 25. Andrea has had a variety of job titles, but “Mom” has always been her very favorite. She says being a Mother is the best thing she has ever done. Though it is not easy, being a Mom has also brought her the most joy...especially now that she has been promoted to “Nonna” and is a Grandmother!

As her children grow older and gain more independence, Andrea has broadened her focus from demonstrating a good example specifically and consistently to her family to the larger community. Andrea has faced some difficulties, but praises God for His ever present guidance. She knows that a true understanding of who Christ is and what He has done is essential and shares His light and love in her new position at her son’s school.

In recognition of her hard work and faithful dedication (and her birthday too!) the Earls Fam Foundation was able to treat Andrea to a spa day. She enjoyed a relaxing massage and a special pedicure too!

Like many, Andrea began following the Earls Fam after Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement. After seeing this first video, she quickly binged watched as many vlogs as she could, encouraged by the honest, relatable, and funny family! Andrea not only embodies the Earls Fam’s motto, but also encourages others to “Love God, Love People, Make a Difference, and Be Thankful” always!

Meet Anne!

Anne is the mother to a beautiful 18 month old baby girl and is 30 weeks pregnant with baby girl number two! Motherhood is Anne’s biggest blessing. After suffering three miscarriages early in her marriage, Anne has learned to see every day as a blessing and says it is the little things that make her appreciate being a Mom the most. Those “little things” include: hearing her daughter laugh and teaching her new words, along with their spontaneous dance parties and snuggles at bed time. Anne loves knowing that both her daughters will learn from her example and strives to lead them towards kindness, humility, patience, and love.

These significant life lessons are plainly seen in the Earls Fam Vlogs, and Anne loves watching them. She appreciates the realness yet continued positivity of the family. Anne discovered the vlogs after Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement and laughs knowing the two have been pregnant at the same time...twice!

Anne also struggles with pregnancy related pain and has experienced a very trying pregnancy. Though it has been painful, Anne says the days are long but the weeks are short, and she thanks God for the opportunity to carry another sweet baby.

To provide a little stress relief and encouragement, the Earls Fam Foundation sent Anne to the spa for a manicure and pedicure!

Please pray for a healthy and stress-free delivery for Anne as well as the strength for this family to continue, striving to love God and people, make a difference, and be thankful each day!

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