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Meet the Moms! (Part 2)

The Earls Fam Foundation kicked off a special project in May, 2019. This project focused specifically on spoiling the Moms of our community, just in time for Mother’s Day! We are grateful for you, Moms!

Meet Hannah!

Hannah and her husband, Dan struggled with infertility for ten years before welcoming baby Andrew this last January. Hannah calls Andrew their “miracle baby”.

When she was a little over five weeks along, Hannah was suspected to miscarry. Physicians could not find a heartbeat. Yet, Dan, at first utterly defeated, was uplifted. In the waiting room, he had opened his Bible and was led to read about Andrew. In that instant, he knew his son’s name was to be Andrew and that he would live. Eight months later, Andrew Joseph was born.

It was Dan who first stumbled upon the Earls Fam Vlogs. He was researching and reading up on pregnancy, watching labor videos, and taking notes on life with a newborn when he found the video of Harold and Rachel brining baby Leo home. Soon, Dan and Hannah began watching the Earls together. When Hannah was on bedrest in the end of her pregnancy (and even during her 18 hour labor) she used the vlogs both as a distraction and encouragement. The family grew to love the Earls, their positivity, love and message. Now, baby Andrew enjoys the vlogs daily during tummy time!

The Earls Fam Foundation blessed Hannah, Dan, and little Andrew with a subscription to “Hello Fresh.” This meal prep delivery service will allow the young family time to cherish together...while cooking and enjoying delicious meals as a family!

Being a mother has made Hannah more thankful and appreciate of her own mother, while experiencing the sacrifices Moms make, the joys of motherhood, and the strength of a God-fearing family. Hannah says her favorite thing about being a mother is feeling her son’s unconditional love and knowing that her love for him will never waiver. Just as God’s love for us never falters. Join with us as we praise God for this family, for the blessing of baby Andrew, and for strengthening them to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

Meet Cassandra!

Cassandra is Mom to Ethan, her 19 month old son. Sweet Ethan is a precious little toddler who loves cuddle time with his Mom. Cassandra says watching him grow and develop is the best experience of her life and she thankful for Ethan every day.

Cassandra’s husband, Rafael, is in the Air Force and currently serving overseas, leaving Cassandra to manage the homefront, alone. While Rafael is deployed, Cassandra is raising Ethan and taking Early Childhood Development classes, while also planning a big cross-country move!

With so much going on, the Earls Fam Foundation was able to bless Cassandra by sending her a Barnes and Noble gift card. Cassandra loves to read! Additionally, since both Rafael and Cassandra are continuing their education, the bookstore is a frequent errand for this family!

Cassandra found the Earls Fam after Rachel’s second pregnancy announcement and enjoys catching up on the family’s vlogs. It is easy to feel lost and forgotten in today’s busy world. However, being a part of the Earls Fam Community is encouraging as we all, like Cassandra, Rafael, and Ethan, strive to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful.

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