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Meet the Moms! (Part 1)

The Earls Fam Foundation kicked off a special project in May, 2019. This project focused specifically on spoiling the Moms of our community, just in time for Mother’s Day! We are grateful for you, Moms!

Meet Claire!

Claire is a first time Mom. Her baby boy is due in May of this year. Claire and her husband, Kyle, fell in love quickly after meeting three years ago. This pregnancy was unexpected but seen as a blessing from God. Especially since Claire's Mom, Dee Dee, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The very thought of this sweet little baby boy has strengthened Dee Dee while bringing joy to the family and keeping a hopeful smile on Claire’s face.

Both Claire and Kyle look forward to meeting their little boy. They can’t wait to feel his snuggles, see the wonder in his eyes, and lead him to walk humbly with the Lord, all the days of his life.

Back in the fall, newly pregnant Claire found the Earls Fam after searching for pregnancy and birth vlogs. She says she instantly fell in love with the family and the encouragement and love they share. As this time for Claire has been a bit stressful, the Earls Fam Foundation was able to bless her and Kyle with a relaxing picnic date, along with sending some necessary baby items.

Please pray for this sweet new family (and Momma Dee Dee too!) as they continue on this journey of parenting while loving God and people, making a difference, and being thankful too!

Meet Lauren!

Lauren is an adoptive Mom of two. She and her husband met in high school and have now been together for over 11 years. His mother was a foster parent and he had many foster siblings growing up. Even before they were married, the couple knew they wanted to foster and adopt.

In early 2015, the family began fostering a little girl named Miah. She is now 9 years old, officially adopted by the family and, as Lauren says, she can be a real spitfire! At the end of summer that same year, Miah’s brother moved in and by Thanksgiving the following year, he was also officially adopted by the couple. Kyle is now 11 and growing tall and strong. Both children have some trauma related issues due to poor treatment in their early years. Lauren strives to provide a calm and nurturing environment for her family while loving them consistently. It can be stressful, but making sure her children are happy and healthy is her greatest blessing.

Though Lauren has only followed the Earls Fam a few months, she enjoys seeing their updates and witnessing their positive energy. She finds joy in the little things and enjoys watching Harold and Rachel do the same! As Lauren rarely has any time for herself, the Earls Fam Foundation was able to bless her with a relaxing spa day. She received a manicure and pedicure and loves her hot pink nails!

Please pray for this compassionate family as they continue on their journey of parenting, striving to love God and people, make a difference, and be thankful along the way!

Meet Stacy!

Stacy enjoys so many things about motherhood and is blessed to have 6 year-old Lily and 3 year old Alistair enriching her life and calling her “Mom”.

Eight years ago, without any warning, Stacy and her husband lost their first baby at 36 weeks. Though this experience was gut-wrenchingly devastating and they miss their first baby girl every day, God used this tragedy to bring them closer together and closer to Him. Two years later, their “lil hope” Lillian Hope was born. Their son Alistair, followed another two years later.

Like so many, Stacy stumbled upon the Earls Fam Vlogs after Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement and she has watched every video since! Stacy say she watches this channel more than anything on tv because it is uplifting yet real and inspiring.

The month of May is very busy for Stacy and her family, as they celebrate two birthdays and Mother’s Day. The Earls Fam Foundation wanted to give this precious and hard-working family something to look forward to and is sending Stacy and her husband on a special date night to see the Christian band “For King & Country” in concert this July.

Please join us and pray for this sweet family as they continue to see parenting as a blessing and love God, love people, make a difference and be thankful...every day!

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