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Making the Grade with Morgan

Morgan, a fifth generation wheat farmer from Central Washington, started following the Earls Family Vlogs after searching for more positive and uplifting videos during a study break at school. After she saw the couple’s first pregnancy announcement, she watched their channel for two hours straight and has followed their uploads ever since. Morgan says watching a family so full of honesty, love, and faith is always encouraging and uplifting!

Morgan is thankful for her upbringing on her parent’s farm and proud to be a part of working to feed others in her family. She is studying Field Crop Management and aspires to become a crop adviser, working with farmers to grow healthy, sustainable crops. She is on track to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree next winter and hopes to spend this coming summer as an intern at her local crop advising agency.

Amazingly, Morgan has been able to pay for her higher education herself, without any debt. She has been working odd jobs since middle school and has done just about everything from catering to dog grooming and from scooping ice cream to selling cattle at the fair. Morgan is hard-working and energetic, but also strives to be still and to always listen to God, being willing to follow where He leads. Morgan is active in her hometown church and community.

This summer, Morgan was not able to work as much as she anticipated, and she was short the funds to purchase her textbooks. The Earls Fam Foundation provided Morgan the funds she needed to purchase these materials and complete her studies.

Please keep Morgan in your prayers as she continues her studies and strives to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day.

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