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Investing in a Veteran's Future

Michelle was initially drawn to the Earls Fam after seeing the couple’s first pregnancy announcement. It wasn’t until she saw a few more of their vlogs and learned the Earls are a young, Christian, military family that Michelle realized how similar her own family is and how much she can relate! She loves watching their cheerful videos (and Rachel’s personal channel too!) and seeing how the Earls’ faith is so central to their positive message. Michelle’s favorite Earls Fam Moment was Rachel’s reaction to her second pregnancy…pure joy and precious happiness! Michelle says Rachel’s words of encouragement have been invaluable to her and are dear to her heart.

Michelle and her husband, Steve* were high school sweethearts and have now been married for ten years. They have two sons (ages seven and three) and a seven month old baby daughter. Michelle’s husband has served in the Air Force for the last six years. He has been out of active duty since August (he was with the Security Forces as a K9 Handler/Trainer) and is currently with the Air Guard. Steve’s dream is to become a local police officer and in January he will begin training at the Police Academy.

The decision to become a police officer was not an easy one. Michelle struggled with the danger of the job, in addition to planning for the sizable cut in pay. However, the family feels as if Steve is being led to be a police officer. Michelle says her husband is led to serve his family, his church (where he volunteers on the security team), his co-workers, and the community. This entire family strives to serve others and have organized a successful coat drive for the homeless and volunteered cleaning up after the recent floods and fires in Colorado. It is the privilege of the Earls Fam Foundation to serve this family, who gives so much.

With Steve’s dramatic cut in pay, the family was unable to fully purchase the uniforms and materials Steve needs for the Police Academy, though they are working extra shifts and jobs. The Earls Fam Foundation provided funding to finalize this purchase, allowing Steve and Michelle to fully focus on their family and prepare for their future. Thank you, Steve for your service!

Please keep this hard working family in your prayers as they strive to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day!

*Name changed for privacy

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