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Help for Hannah

Hannah never thought she would become a single mother. She met and dated her son’s father for six years before becoming pregnant at 20 years old. Hannah gave birth to her sweet son, Darrin and became single shortly after his birth.

Darrin is now 19 months old and is a ball of energy with bright red hair! He smiles frequently, loves his bottle, and is quite chatty! Darrin is always on the move and is the light of his mother’s life. But Hannah struggles to support her son. This year has been struggle after struggle for the young Mom. She is blessed to have the support of her family, but struggles to manage seemingly simple things: like putting food on the table or securing steady employment.

Hannah found encouragement and enjoyment in watching Rachelle and Justin’s vlogs. It was through these vlogs that she stumbled upon the Earls Fam. Hannah still remembers hearing the Swannie family happily exclaim that Rachel Earls was pregnant and Hannah quickly found and began watching the Earls Family Vlogs. Her favorite video is when Leo meets baby Wyatt for the first time. Through watching these vlogs, Hannah learned about the work of the Earls Fam Foundation and wrote in, asking for help.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to send Hannah household supplies and personal care items, in addition to items and supplies for baby Darrin. Hannah also received gift cards at her favorite local restaurants. These supplies will help the little family as Hannah continues to seek work and creative ways to care for and support her sweet son. Please pray that Hannah is able to continue to support Darrin and encourage her to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, in all circumstances.

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