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Happy One Year Anniversary, Earls Fam Foundation!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

In the last year, the Earls Fam Foundation has been able to give back over $20,000 to our community through 27 different projects, blessing nearly thirty families. $4,000 was raised directly through community donations and the rest we were able to give because of your continued support in watching our videos! This has been the most incredible year and we are not done yet! To celebrate this special anniversary, we are incredibly excited to announced our new scholarship project. To find out more about this new opportunity, click here!

We also caught up with a few of the families the foundation was able to bless in this wonderful first year.

Catching up with Claire

This spring, Claire was a part of the Earls Fam Foundation’s Mother’s Day Project in which she and her husband, Kyle enjoyed a relaxing day date. Since May, the family has welcomed little baby Denym Eli into the world. Claire calls her new baby boy “our version of perfect.” The family was also recently able to purchase their first home!

In further good news, Claire’s Mom, Dee Dee, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last December, has completed her chemo and radiation treatments and is awaiting reconstruction surgery. This year, which Claire previously described as one of her toughest, has turned into one of her favorites.

Join us in congratulating Claire and her family on their beautiful baby boy and pray for continued health and happiness for all.

Aloha, Anna!

Like Claire, Anna was a part of the Earls Fam Foundation’s Mother’s Day Project in May. Anna is a hard working mother of two and was gifted a spa package to enjoy some much needed rest, relaxation, and pampering. Anna and her husband have been married for nine years and spent two nights away from their precious kids to focus on each other while enjoying some alone time.

Anna calls this weekend away a “priceless” gift and is thankful for the time to reconnect with her husband. “The spa experience on Friday was nothing less than amazing. It was a beautiful scene, serene, peaceful, waited on hand and foot, on top of so much relaxation!” Please pray that Anna continues to find balance and rest during the chaos of motherhood.

Saying “Hello” to Stacy

Stacy was also part of the Earls Fam Foundation’s Mother’s Day Projects this May, and was gifted a concert date night with her husband. Together, these busy parents enjoyed a night alone to grab dinner and hear the band “For King and Country." Stacy said the night was a blast and was blessed to be able to attend the concert.

Now the family is busy preparing for the start of school after a summer of fun together. Six year old Lily is getting ready for first grade while four year old Alistair is enrolled in preschool. Please pray for these sweet kiddos and parents as they start the school year.

Listening to Lori

This past winter, Lori and Brandon were a part of the Earls Fam Foundation’s Christmas Project. Brandon was about to be deployed on a year-long hardship tour and was unable to travel to see his children prior to deploying overseas. That’s where the Earls Fam Foundation stepped in. With the help of the entire community, funds were raised (in just 24 hours!) to send both Lori and Brandon to see the kids before his deployment, giving them an unforgettable Christmas and the gift of being together as a family.

Since the holiday season, Brandon has been away and Lori has been keeping busy and taking things one day at a time. The family anxiously awaits Brandon’s homecoming and are already planning activities to enjoy when they are together again. Professional photos are on the list, so the kids are practicing their best smiles until Dad comes home again! Please join with us as we uplift this family in prayer. Pray for the continued safety of Brandon and peace and comfort for Lori and the kids.

Thank you for joining us this first year! Here’s to many more years working together to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful!

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