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Happy Christmas, Trisha & Family!

Trisha’s daughter Mary applied to the Earls Fam Foundation on behalf of her mother and their large, close-knit family of eight. In September of last year, Hurricane Florence flooded the family’s home. Over 56 inches of water flooded into the house, resulting in the complete loss of the first floor. As their insurance wasn’t enough to cover the extent of the damage, Trisha and her family have used all their savings trying to make their home safely livable again. Trisha and her husband worry for the safety and well-being of their children and deeply wish they could make their house truly feel like a home again. Though the flood was over a year ago, they are still struggling to get by and fix the damage, both to their home and their belongings.

With all this going on, and while busily taking care of her six kids, (the youngest

now 19 months old), Christmas has been far from Trisha’s mind and way out of

the family’s budget. When Trisha’s daughter Mary saw the Earls Fam announce the

Foundation’s 2019 Christmas projects, she applied on behalf of her Mom. Mary

asked for items to help support her parents and younger siblings, to ease her

Mom’s mind, and to allow Christmas to feel real again, despite their current


The Earls Fam Foundation selected this hard-working family of eight into the Christmas

Project and the Earls Fam Community members and the foundation joined together

to send clothing, household essentials, toys, and gift cards, to the family.

These items gave them a Christmas to remember and blessed them with much needed


Trisha was very moved by the abundant generosity of so many kind strangers. She said

some even wrote kind notes and included encouraging words with the packages!

The family is grateful for the thoughtfulness of the community, thank you to

all who made this Christmas miracle possible! Your humble giving is evident of

our mission to; love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful!

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