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Happy Christmas, Tabitha & Family!

Tabitha is the young Mom of two boys: Amari is seven and Ean is four years old. Ean has a genetic heart condition known as brugada syndrome, which caused his heart to stop seven times when he was only eight months old. Due to this syndrome, he has severe brain damage and is tracheostomy dependent, requiring full, around the clock care. Though Tabitha’s husband Charles works very hard, Ean’s medical bills take the majority of the family’s income, leaving no room in the budget for Christmas.

Tabitha, stressed as she works to give Ean the 24/7 care he needs, while also caring for Amari and maintaining a strong relationship with Charles, called Christmas this year, “impossible”. Then she reached out to the Earls Fam Foundation and applied to the Foundation’s Christmas Project.

Tabitha has followed the family’s vlogs for years, joining the community after seeing Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement. Seeing Leo and Wyatt as happy and healthy little boys encourages her when times are trying and hard. She often watches the channel while at various doctors appointments or in the hospital. This year, Tabitha and her family were selected as part of the Foundation’s Christmas Project. The Earls Fam Community members and the foundation joined together support Tabitha’s entire family and spread some Christmas cheer! The family received a variety of practical and fun items for boys, and a few things for Tabitha and Charles too!

Little Ean was taken back to the hospital just prior to Christmas, where he remains today. Please cover this family with prayers for healing, peace, and comfort. Though Tabitha did not expect to spend Christmas in the hospital, she is grateful for the blessings the Earls Fam Community shared with her. Her family was able to celebrate the season while focusing on what truly matters: faith and family.

Thank you to all who helped Tabitha and her family through Christmas and blessed this sweet family as we all strive to love God, love people, and a difference, and be thankful, always.

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