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Happy Christmas, Laurie & Family!

Laurie has been raising her two sons, while working full time, for years. She never planned to be a single mother, but numerous issues threatening the safety of her family encouraged her to pack up her boys and the dog and courageously seek out a new life. This transition was not easy, but Laurie did what was best for her family and strives, every day, to foster a healthy, loving, and safe environment for her children.

While starting new and raising her boys, Laurie has relied heavily on her parents. Earlier this year, her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the family is struggling to provide her the care she needs at home. Her oldest son recently announced his plans to join the Navy after his high school graduation this May. Since this may be the last time this multi-generational family shares Christmas together, Laurie wants to make it extra special, but she is struggling financially.

Though working hard and striving to save, Laurie hasn’t been able to get ahead and her savings have been depleted. With Laurie’s younger son fully expecting presents from Santa under the tree on Christmas morning, and without the funds to buy them, Laurie was overwhelmed, scared, and very down on herself. She felt guilty for asking for help, but after being a fan of the Earls for years, she reached out to the Earls Fam Foundation on behalf of her children.

The Earls Fam Foundation selected Laurie and her two boys as a part of the Foundation’s Christmas Project. The Earls Fam Community members and the foundation joined together to send the boys needed clothing items and games...including some much needed new winter coats!. The Foundation also provided grocery cards and gift cards for gas, to lift some of Laurie’s burden and ease her financial stress. Through these gifts, Laurie, her children, and her parents were able to share a Christmas to remember, together as a family. Thank you to all who made this Christmas possible and for your prayers to support this family as they continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

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