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Happy Christmas, Danielle & Family!

Danielle is currently raising her three young grandchildren while her daughter struggles with addiction. It is heartbreaking for Danielle to see her daughter suffer, both with bipolar disorder and with a variety of addictions, and Danielle continues to pray earnestly for her health and safety.

While praying for her daughter, Danielle is caring for her three grandsons. Devon is the youngest, currently 18 months, and was born addicted to drugs. He spent the first three months of his life in the NICU and is still delayed in development. However, the boys are being well cared for and are reminded daily of God’s love for them. Danielle is striving to instill a deep faith in them, while lovingly supporting them consistently.

Danielle has few material items for the children and explained the true significance of Christmas to the boys, who expected no presents. However, she longed to provide them with toys, clothes, and other needed items for Christmas. After writing to the Earls Fam Foundation, Danielle began to hope that the boy’s would receive a few Christmas supplies, knowing how much they have been through and wanting them to enjoy a blessed Christmas. Indeed, the Earls Fam Foundation selected Danielle and her grandsons as a part of the Foundation’s Christmas Project and joined together with the community to send the family clothing and household items, along with gift cards and toys.

Danielle is grateful for all the supplies her family was blessed to receive and will use them as she continues to care for these three boys while showing them God's love and teaching them of the strength and compassion of Jesus. Thank you to all who made this Christmas miracle possible and for the tangible ways in which you love God, love people, make a difference, and are thankful.

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