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Gear and Goodies for Joanne

Joanne and her two young daughters had a hard time this summer. Joanne has struggled to manage her Type 1 Diabetes with the rising costs of insulin while also battling other illnesses.

She was recently hospitalized after contracting the flu. A simple cold virus can send Joanne to the hospital, resulting in further stress to the family’s tight budget and time away from Joanne’s girls. Laurel, three years old, and Laila, seventeen months, are the light of Joanne’s life and are always full of cheerfulness and energy.

Joanne, like so many, found the Earls Fam after seeing Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement. She says she enjoyed the touching video and has followed the family’s story ever since. She enjoys helping and supporting others and is not used to asking others for help. However, with the unforeseen medical costs and ever-increasing price of her prescriptions, Joanne reached out the Earls Fam Foundation on behalf of her daughters.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide this kind family with some needed supplies and household goods. Additionally, the Foundation sent new outfits, shoes, and leotards for the growing little girls, like the festive yellow outfits pictured above.

Please lift this family up in prayer as Joanne continues to monitor her health while caring for her sweet family. Pray that the whole family is able to fully trust God while continuing to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful.

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