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Encouragement for Emily

Emily was having a difficult year when she reached out to the Earls Fam Foundation for support. Emily’s fiance, Cuba, was laid off just after the young couple found out they were expecting their first child. Cuba could not find work in the area and had to relocate 90 minutes away. Until he was settled and could provide a stable environment for Emily, she remained at home, living with family. The time apart and distance was very difficult, but made the couple stronger. They welcomed little Grayson in March and are now living together again. Emily says Grayson is the biggest blessing in their life and the very best thing that has happened to them. Both Emily and Cuba love being parents, but have continued to struggle financially as they strive to provide everything they can for their beautiful baby boy.

It was through Rachelle and Justin’s YouTube channel (and subsequent visit to meet the Earls) which first introduced Emily to the large Earls Fam Community. She loves watching the interactions between Harold and his sons and is often encouraged by Rachel’s positive and always humble attitude. After Emily reached out, the Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide clothing for growing Grayson, as well as some professional work attire for Cuba. The young family was also sent gas cards to help stretch their budget and allow for a bit of breathing room.

Join with us as we uplift this sweet little family in prayer, praying that they continue to draw close to one another, to always see Grayson as a blessing, and to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

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