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Coats for Christina

Like many, Christina became a part of the Earls Fam after viewing Rachel’s first pregnancy announcement. She says her heart melted after watching Harold’s genuine, joy-filled reaction to the good news. The family’s videos provide joy, laughter and encouragement to Christina, who is a single mother of three: Laina, who is seven, Hunter, who is four, and Ella, who is three months old. Laughing with the Earls strengthen Christina, as this year has been full of ups and downs for her and her family.

In August, Christina went into premature labor and delivered baby Ella five weeks early. Balancing the stress and worry of having a preemie in the hospital and caring for her two older children, while working part time, was quite the challenge. As chaotic as Ella’s early arrival was, Christina says Ella is an unexpected blessing. Seeing her other two children love their baby sister is absolutely Christina’s favorite part of the day. Ella is now at home and is a healthy and happy baby, who enjoys the attention and snuggles from her older siblings.

The family also enjoys going on walks together and spending time playing outside. However, with the West Virginia winter fast approaching, Christina is worried her family is unprepared for the upcoming harsh weather. To ease their stretched budget, the Earls Fam Foundation provided Christina and her family with winter coats and clothing, as well as diapers for little Ella and a humidifier to help all the children breathe easier during the cold winter months.

Despite their recent struggles, Christina reflects on how blessed she feels that she has three healthy, happy children. Please keep Christina and her young family in your prayers as together she strives to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day and train up her young children to do likewise.

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