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Caring through Coronavirus: Part 3

Cristina is the single Mom to four year old Piper and is expecting a rainbow baby boy in mid-May. During the chaos of the coronavirus, Cristina was placed on partial maternity leave, as her doctor wanted to protect her and growing Baby “A”. While she never planned to be a single Mom, expecting a baby, all while suddenly struggling to make ends meet, Cristina has enjoyed this time with young Piper and sees it as a blessing. However, Cristina is stressed over her family’s finances, especially with her upcoming delivery and time off work.

That is where the Earls Fam Foundation stepped in! Cristina just recently found the family's vlog channel after searching for pregnancy announcements. She finds Rachel inspiring and is deeply encouraged by the love of the family. After realizing her financial constraints and worries, Cristina reached out to the foundation and requested supplies for Piper, Baby “A”, and a few postpartum essentials for herself. The Foundation was able to bless this growing family with these items and gift cards for food and other supplies, helping Cristina focus on her family and easing her stress.

While this season has been trying, Cristina is able to focus on her children. Please pray that she is always able to look on the bright side, find joy amidst the chaos, and experience a safe delivery of Baby “A”. May God bless this sweet family as they continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always.

Since the original posting of this article, Cristina welcomed baby Arlo! Welcome to the world, little one! You are loved!


Before the coronavirus, Nadia, who works two jobs, is pursuing her nursing degree, is the loving wife to Tyler, the adoring Mom to 15-month old Beckett, and takes care of the family’s two dogs, was very busy! Then the coronavirus struck. Suddenly everything slowed down and Nadia lost both her jobs. With the bills piling up, the cost of Beckett’s baby supplies soaring, the family suddenly needed help. That is when she reached out to the Earls Fam Foundation.

The Foundation was able to provide the family with diapers, snacks, hygiene items, and baby supplies for Beckett. Previously such items were unavailable in Nadia’s town. Nadia is quick to comment that the global pandemic has been heartbreaking for so many. This she clearly sees in the empty shelves of her local grocery store. While she has felt the paralyzing fear, panic, and pressure of the unknowns of the pandemic, she and Tyler have switched their focus to see the good of the situation. They see God’s provision in the outpouring of love for healthcare workers, in the kindness of strangers, and in the donations from the Earls Fam Foundation, and they are extremely grateful.

Nadia is a part of a Gold Star Family, both her parents served in the US Army and her brother is currently serving as an officer in the Army. Nadia’s father was killed in action in 2007, a loss still felt today. The military is a huge part of who Nadia is today and that is what drew her to find the Earls Fam! She began watching when Rachel was expecting Leo. Soon, watching the family vlogs became an activity Tyler and Nadia looked forward to enjoying together. The couple drew encouragement from the Earls’ faith, positivity, and very relatable journey. As it happened, when Rachel was pregnant with baby Wyatt, Nadia was expecting Beckett!

Please join us in thanking this devoted family for their dedication and service while praying that Nadia and Tyler continue to see God in the midst of this uncertainty. Pray that everyday Tyler, Nadia, and Beckett will be encouraged to Love God, love people, make a difference and be thankful, each and every day!

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