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Caring through Coronavirus: Part 2

Like most everyone, the coronavirus pandemic took Emilee by complete surprise. Emilee, a graduate student, had previously quit her job and accepted a different position. Then the virus struck, the shutdowns began, and her new employer quickly rescinded her job offer. Without a job and with large tuition payments, Emilee and her husband were suddenly struggling.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide the young couple with some funds for groceries and food items, allowing Emilee to obtain her textbooks for the next semester. She is passionate about working in the nonprofit sector and hopes to serve patients and their families impacted by pediatric cancer with her advanced degree.

Emilee and her husband met in college and just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. They enjoy spending time outdoors, playing board games (especially scrabble!) time with their two cats (Bea and Jet) and watching the Earls Fam! Emilee discovered Rachel through Instagram and then began watching the Vlogs with her husband. One of their favorite Earls moments is when Rachel and Leo told Harold baby Wyatt was on the way!

Like the Earls say in each video, Emilee lives each day striving to “love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful.” Please pray for her educational journey as she works to bring this motto to life, always


As a hair salon owner in California, Justine is worried about her future and providing for her loved ones as she and her new husband raise their blended family of six children. Being deemed “nonessential” meant Justine had to shut her salon doors and is not sure when she will be allowed to open again. She is worried for her two employees and for her children’s future as they shelter in place for an extended time period. Additionally, Justine’s husband’s hours were drastically cut, finances are stretched, and the entire family is worried about little Peyton, who has severe asthma.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide gift cards for food and supplies and a fun family activity. Additionally, as Justine and her family celebrated Bennett’s 3rd birthday, Peyton’s fifth birthday, and Tommy’s seventh birthday all while in quarantine, the Foundation was able to provide presents and a cake for the family’s celebration!

Join us in wishing Bennett, Peyton, and Tommy a very Happy Birthday while continuing to pray for the health and wellbeing of this caring family as they continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, always!

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