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Caring through Coronavirus: Part 1

Christianna and Jesse are a newlywed couple with a nine month old baby boy, Owen. When Owen was two months old, the couple received the surprise of their life: a second positive pregnancy test! Baby Boy Emmett will be born this Spring!

The soon-to-be family of four recently bought a fixer-upper and were working on the renovations themselves. When the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Jesse being laid off, they suddenly lost their family's health insurance. With so much of their savings having recently gone into improvements on the house, they were without the means to make mortgage payments, continue Christianna’s pregnancy check-ups, and purchase essentials: like Owen’s formula.

That is where the Earls Fam Foundation stepped in. The Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide the family with gift cards for food and a stockpile of Owen’s formula and diapers. Christianna, a member of the Earls Fam since before her marriage, says this support has “lifted a huge weight off my shoulders” and she is “beyond grateful”. Christianna watches each vlog as soon as it is uploaded, saying each video brightens her day. She appreciates the love the Earls' Family demonstrates and enjoys watching Owen laugh and learn with Leo!

Please join us in prayer for this sweet family, especially for sweet baby Emmett’s upcoming birth! Pray that every day Christianna, Jesse, Owen, and Emmett will be encouraged to Love God, love people, make a difference and be thankful.


Austyn is the newly single Mom of three year old Finn and little Sawyer, who just turned one. These precious boys brighten Austyn’s day and are the biggest blessings in her life. While Austyn never planned to be a young, single mom struggling through painful divorce proceedings, she especially never planned to be out of work during this challenging season. As a waitress/server, Austyn has been laid off throughout the coronavirus pandemic and is struggling to make ends meet for her two sweet boys.

That’s when the Earls Fam Foundation was able to step in! Austyn originally found Rachel through Instagram and now keeps up with Earls’ Vlogs, encouraged by the Christian message and thoughtful nature of the family. Additionally, she enjoys watching as Finn and Leo and Sawyer and Wyatt are roughly the same age!

Austyn reached out to the Foundation for support for her boys, requesting supplies of infant formula, diapers, and toiletries. The Foundation provided formula, diapers, toiletries, and gift cards for food and other supplies, helping Austyn provide for her little family during this unprecedented and trying time.

Despite the many challenges of this season, Austyn still sees hope when she looks at Sawyer and Finn and strives to work, every day, to make life a little better for her boys. Please pray with us that Austyn and her family continue to receive the support, care, and love they need to make it through this rough patch while continuing to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, through it all.

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