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Caring for Kennedy's Family

Kennedy found the Earls Family Vlogs over a year ago, when she was pregnant with her second son, Maverick, and caring for her firstborn, Jaxon. Shortly after Jaxon was born, he began having medical problems. At five months old, he was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a rare blood disorder in which the bone marrow does not make enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Jaxon is now two years old and recovering from a recent bone marrow transplant. Kennedy and Maverick (now seven months old) have been staying at the Children’s Hospital with Jaxon since the end of September, and will continue to receive care there for a minimum of three additional months.

Jaxon’s hospital is a 90 minute drive from the family’s home. Jordan, Kennedy’s husband and the boy’s father is a hard-working nurse, while also continuing his education to become a Nurse Practitioner. He currently works five 12 hours shifts a week plus schooling. As Kennedy quit her job soon after Jaxon’s diagnosis, the family depends on Jordan’s salary and live within in tight budget, so Jordan has not been able to commute to see Kennedy and the boys as often as he wishes.

As a part of his treatment protocol, Jaxon has not been able to leave his small hospital room since his admission in September. This fact, along with his treatment, pain and multiple procedures combined with missing his Dad has been very hard on the little boy. Kennedy struggles to care for him and his energetic little brother in a confined space and strange setting. All while she is missing her husband and learning everything she can about Jaxon’s disease and treatment plan to make the best possible medical decisions for their son.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to provide Kennedy and her family with gift cards for both food and gasoline in addition to toys for the young boys. The gift cards allow Jordan to visit his family more often and enjoy a few meals together as a family, away from the hospital cafeteria. They especially enjoy hospital bed picnics of Chick-fil-a and watching Peppa Pig together! The new toys entertain the kids as they adjust to the long hospital stay and time away from home. It warms Kennedy’s heart to see her sons smile!

Jaxon playing with his new dinosaur toys

Kennedy and her family are thankful to be able to spend time together, as they continue with Jaxon’s healing process, one day at a time. Please keep this young family in your prayers as they strive to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day.

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