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Caring for Colleen

Recently, Earls Fam community member Colleen, her husband, and her three children have endured many struggles. In December, their roommate passed away. Since that time, they have had a hard time paying rent and didn’t have any type of Christmas celebration. The family car broke down and the washing machine stopped working. They are behind in all their bills, in danger of having their water shut off, and can’t seem to catch a break.

Colleen has various medical issues and is on social security. Her husband was the sole provider of the family, but recently lost his job and requires a knee replacement. He is struggling and in pain. Colleen says the worst part of the family’s current struggles is seeing how hard it is on her children. She says it is sad and depressing and they can’t seem to consistently take care of the most basic things.

As much as she and her family are currently struggling, they take simple joy in being a part of the large Earls Fam. Colleen watches the family’s vlogs and little Leo’s laugh, usually at Harold’s crazy antics, always seems to cheer her up. The videos remind the family of what is good and true while encouraging them to focus on the light. While watching the Earls Family, they no longer feel alone and the world doesn’t seem quite as dark and hopeless as it once did.

The Earls Fam Foundation was able to help support Colleen and her family by paying one month of their rent. This allowed the family the flexibility to focus on finding funding for their other bills. This respite also gave them a bit of breathing room and the break they so desperately needed. During this time, they were blessed to be able to secure future employment and look forward to moving steadily onward, thanks in part to the support of the Earls Fam Foundation.

Please join with us and pray for Colleen’s health and her husband’s upcoming knee surgery. Thank God for the strength of this family and for His provision through it all. Pray that, through it all, the family is able to continue to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful.

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