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Like many, Ashleigh became a part of the Earls Fam after watching Rachel surprise Harold with their first pregnancy announcement. She loved watching their sweet excitement as they planned for their first child. Ashleigh’s own pregnancy announcement was much different and very unexpected. She is mom to two year old Paighton (an active little boy) and one year old Neila (a beautiful baby girl). Neither child’s father is involved in these little one’s sweet lives.

Ashleigh’s own father is currently in prison for the abuse he inflicted on her throughout her childhood. Her mother was killed suddenly in a car accident almost four years ago. Since that time, young Ashleigh has bounced around from place to place but has never felt as if she had a true home or purpose. When she became pregnant with her son, she knew it was not about her anymore, but about her precious child. She was facing homelessness and made the difficult decision to give temporary guardianship of Paighton to her adoptive Mom. She moved out of state, knowing her son would be safe and cared for, and tried to secure a better situation for her small family. Shorty after her move, Ashleigh again found herself pregnant and without support. Last September, Neila was born.

Currently, Ashleigh is living with a friend and looking for work. She is raising Neila but has not regained custody of Paighton. Ashleigh hopes to better herself so that she may provide all that her children need including a warm, safe, and happy home. In the meantime, she wrote to the Earls Fam Foundation to request warmer clothing for baby Neila. Winter in Illinois is cold and the child has very few warm items. The Earls Fam Foundation provided clothing, coats, and warm boots for Neila to wear now and to grow into. Additionally, Ashleigh received a winter coat and a new sweater to keep her warm during this cold time of year.

Ashleigh says that she finds inspiration and encouragement in watching the Earls Fam Vlogs. Please join together and pray that Ashleigh continues to feel encouraged as she strives to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, while working to support her family, every day.

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