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A Coat for Alex

Two years ago, during a time of sickness and pain, Sally found the Earls Family Vlogs. She has a debilitating leg injury, which causes pain while standing, sitting, and even while lying down. Despite this, Sally is cheerful and upbeat, and describes herself as having a heart full of love for everyone and everything. She finds joy in celebrating everyday life with the Earls Fam. Additionally, Sally describes her son, Alex, as her biggest blessing and the bright spot in her day.

Alex is a senior in high school, gets good grades, and is described as being kind and very mature. He enjoys spending time with his family and listening to rock and roll music. He is planning to attend college next fall to study criminal justice, with a goal of someday working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Sally’s husband, Chris, recently lost his job, and though Sally receives disability due to her injury, and Chris is earnestly seeking new employment, the family is struggling financially. This struggle does not diminish Sally’s joy, as her faith leads her to see blessings in the midst of trials. She knows God has a hand in her life and will provide. Her landlord, for example, was gracious and understanding when they fell behind in rent. He even brought them groceries!

Sally’s wish throughout this hard time is simply to cling fast to God and provide what is best for her son. So, she wrote to the Earls Fam Foundation requesting a jacket for Alex, who does not have any winter clothing. The Foundation was able to provide Alex with a new coat, and other clothing that will fit him and keep him warm this winter. In addition, the Earls Fam Foundation sent a gift card for groceries and additional supplies for the family. Sally was thrilled to help Alex pick out his new clothing, and was overcome with the kindness of this community in their time of need.

Please keep this family in your prayers as they strive to love God, love people, make a difference, and be thankful, each and every day!

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