Our Impact

  • Tier 1: Primary Support: We believe our Earls Fam should all have food, shelter and safety.

    • Focus: Food/Water, Shelter, Clothing

      • Examples: House burned- provide temporary home, fix collapsed roof, food drives etc

  • Tier 2: Secondary Support: Support that would greatly benefit quality of life, social advancement or personal development. Something that would forever impact their life.

    • Focus: Health, Education, Transportation, Living Conditions

      • Examples: Payoff medical bills, pay for college books, fix car, school supplies, flu shots, Make-A-Wish come true etc

  • Tier 3: Additional Support: Projects that are memorable and leave an impact on that person.

    • Examples: Christmas gifts, pay for someone to go on a mission trip, dream honeymoon, marriage counseling, family vacation of deployed family etc


"Our goal is to forever change the lives of people in our Earls Fam" 

- Harold

6 Step Verification Process

We thoroughly vet every applicant. Full transparency, Here's how we do it:

  1. Project Coordinators (PCs) review every submitted form. They conduct background checks, ask initial vetting questions, determine tier level and confirm they are subscribed to the Earls' Youtube Community. The PC then send the forms that make it past this stage to the Foundation Director

  2.  Our Foundation Director reviews the form and filters the projects based off of the foundation's mission and budget.

  3. Harold and Rachel review and select from the final pool of applicants and then send selected projects back to Project Coordinators

  4. PC then asks applicant to complete official application with detailed documentation to prove and verify the need. (utility bills, income statements etc)

  5. PC confirms all verification paperwork checks out

  6. Applicant receives the requested support, aid, etc. The PC they worked with during the application process ensures the project is executed to completion.

Our Commitment

To love and serve our community to the best of our ability with a desire to bring joy by extending a helping hand in times of hardship. And to unite together as brothers and sisters in Christ to make a difference in the lives of our Earls Fam community

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